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UPDATED 1st  AUG 2020

Isometrics & Plyometrics

Isometrics is one of the most efficient methods for increasing muscle mass. The basic principle is to push or pull against an immovable force. This forces the muscle into an efficient contraction (70% of maximum).

It is an amazingly effective muscle strengthener as proved in scientific tests.

The other great thing about Isometrics is the short duration of the routine compared to the effects. It also has great advantages to athletes in the fact that Isometrics can be demonstrated quickly and easily anywhere without equipment. However, many safeguards and controls need to be included in a training regime to make this the effective process that it has the potential to be.


By using Plyometrics properly you can achieve a 40% increase in power. Put simply Plyometrics is creating a proper compression of the muscle so that it is at the optimum length to create the optimum contraction.

Many athletes either hold their muscles at too short a compression or more commonly too long a compression. This then stops maximum power contraction and is inefficient. Muscles only contract and relax, they do not push as such. Pushing is created by muscles contracting.

Muscles also work smoothly together in antagonistic and protaganistic sets. Understanding this and using this knowledge to relax the opposite set can lead to greater efficiency, strength and more energy. Under stress we sometimes use Plyometrics naturally but to bring it into competitive sports and understand how it works, this facility must be trained.

Effective demonstrations of this increase can be shown to the class or student.

It is worth it for a 40% increase!!!

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