S.P.A.D; Speed, Power, Accuracy, Determination - the engine of success.

According to Newtons Law mass x velocity equals power. This is  a very interesting equation as it is difficult for an athlete to change their mass (basically their weight). It can be done over time as the athlete acquires muscle mass and extra weight but it cannot be increased easily in the short term.

The incorrect balance between fat and muscle may create more mass but if the balance is not in favour of muscle then the mass cannot be propelled efficiently - so it must be the correct balance of mass.

So short term, speed is the main area to work on to achieve power. You cannot change your mass quickly but you can change your speed quickly. By increasing your speed, you automatically increase your power.

Speed is difficult to attain without relaxation and sufficient muscle mass and correct body dynamics, but the correct techniques can help obtain the optimum efficiency with the existing muscle mass.

Speed is of little use in competitive sports if there is no accuracy. Accuracy is a brain-body combination and needs to be trained as such. Exercises that train judgment and exercises that are known as motor-skills and eye brain co-ordination are the way to increase accuracy.

Finally without determination ( the will to win, the determination to continue ) then speed or accuracy will be of little benefit. Determination is a purely mental activity and perhaps the most important of the four elements. Yet how many athletes, although naturally determined, actually train this important facility.

The range of important lessons required for determination are:
Comprehension (understanding what is required).
Values (these are what make people tick).
Visualization (the power of the mind to see ahead).
Will power (the very force of determination).


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