How does 'loco parentis' affect Martial Arts training?

As a teacher the law considers an instructor 'loco parentis' this means 'instead of parents'.

If a person is under the age of 18 they are classed as a child. Therefore they must be in sight of a person over 18 years of age, a responsible adult as discussed earlier.

This person(s) will then be their loco parentis. In sport until the youth is over 18 they should require an adult at all times. This someone needs to be responsible for them if they had an injury or were upset. We try to keep to what we are doing 'teaching Martial Arts' and not get involved in other activities with children.

Our instructors hold professional indemnity insurance and 'enhanced disclosure form' from the C.R.B (Criminal Records Bureau). Plus students have student to student insurance cover.

Teaching children Karate should help enhance among many other things; their confidence and knowledge, improve their discipline and respect and improve their later lives.

Mike Saunders 5th Dan
40 years experience
07787 524999

Alan Keegan 6th Dan
40 years experience
Stevie Atkins 5th Dan
25 years experience

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Junior Classes
We have Junior classes run by Mike Saunders 6th Dan and is assisted by Stephen Atkins 5th Dan. In Grovehill Hemel Hempstead Mondays 6.30 to 8pm
Alan Keegan 6th Dan runs classes for local schools.

Always check any person who trains your children are C.R.B (Criminal Records Bureau) checked.

Training children can be the most fulfilling aspect of Karate and Martial Arts training. Every child is different and their level of interest and their attention span are huge factors in whether they will learn and how much they will learn.

We try to treat children respectfully as you would an adult. We try to help them to learn the same way that everyone else does. While not as physically strong as an adult, they can increase their self respect, discipline and courtesy to others. We do not treat them like they are in the playground, either. They should have fun, but they should do it by learning in the correct controlled Dojo environment.

Martial Arts training is a great system for helping children grow up to become self confident, fit, healthy, happy, well-adjusted and productive citizens. Children learn so much better if they are having fun. We to make your sessions into games, albeit serious games. They should leave the Dojo ready for more at the next session. We try to instil discipline in a fun way; but we understand we are dealing with delicate and impressionable individuals. Early training can and will affect the rest of their lives.

When training children we try to have at least 2 adults of a senior level present. Or request that at least 1 or 2 of the parents attend the session just as observers. This is important; they can be extra pairs of eyes and be witness to any problems.
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