Tenshio  Kata
(Turning or Rotating Palms similar to Rokkishu. Chojun Miyagi nicknamed it 'Little Heaven')
Chojun Miyagi Sensei developed Tensho to continue his Goju-Ryu where Sanchin left off.

Tensho has many principles of Sanchin but goes further including more intricate concepts of the techniques of Goju-Ryu.  These concepts such as kakie, which in advanced training, creates interesting bunkai for the Kata of Goju-Ryu. Unlike Sanchin, which is very similar to its Chinese counterpart, Tensho is more Okinawan

The most notable difference between Sanchin and Tensho is  the breathing is softer and different than that of Sanchin. The breathing of Tensho is 'soft' not 'hard' and external like Sanchin. The breath is internalized and more Yin or female, soft, delicate.

Tenshio and Sanchin are 'heishu' Kata. This translates as 'closed' or 'muscle contraction'.  Sanchin and Tensho both involve 'ibuki' style breathing. The other 10 Kata of Goju are referred to as 'kaishu' or 'open', as they are free of constant muscle contraction and breathing is 'normal'.

Tensho is derived from the Chinese form "Rokkishu".

start of Tenshio

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