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Positive thinking

Is the glass half empty or half full? In team sports the glass must always be half full. It is very important to change any negative thinkers into positive thinkers. This can be done by counseling the athlete or team to understand the great power of positive thought.

Winners are not negative and the power of the mind in achieving success should not be underestimated. All the athletic physical prowess in the world will not make a negative person into a winner.

Awareness is a fine attribute in an athlete in the Martial Arts we call this facility ‘Zanshin’. As some of the positive thinking routines begin to take hold  an athletes awareness will naturally improve. Positive thinking is something that needs to be incorporated into the athletes whole life and not just the sporting element.

Negative thoughts and feelings have got to be totally eliminated. The coach needs to be aware of negative thought patterns and negative actions. Some work may need to be done on the athletes emotional life and on their belief systems.

Some meditation and visualization techniques can help turn negativity around. Just like the physical warm-up athletes should do a mental warm-up. It is perhaps the most important thing they can do prior to competition.

The coach must also be very positive.
Negative criticism has no place in a winning team.
A coach needs to work on enthusiasm and constructive,
positive help - not criticism.

You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Try Tom's book on - Belief & emotion.

First work on the mind -
the rest will follow.

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