Sensei Tom Hill is a 7th Dan in and graded in two other Martial Arts styles.

He has instructed for over 35 years. He has been training on a regular basis for almost 40 years.

His full time job is as a self employed Graphic Designer and he holds a first Class Honours Degree in this subject and has been a D&AD award winner ( He is 61 years old.

He is also a part time professional Healer, Hypnotist and Fitness instructor.

Tom was born at the end of the year of the Dragon. The Chinese use animals to classify the years and believe the year of birth has a direct influence on your life.


•  A life skill you should not ignore is Self Defence. It is unfortunate that a drunken, drugged or violent criminal may attempt to take your most valuable asset - your life!

•  More commonly what these offenders actually take is your self respect, your dignity, your right to freedom, your health and wellbeing and maybe your ability to do your job. Possibly your money, but that’s the least of your problems.

•  If you are an employer, it makes sense to have staff that are more confident and self assured with lower stress levels and a better chance of avoiding hospitalisation.

•  It is something we don't like to think about. But we should. The Law allows for 'reasonable force' to protect yourself in a violent or potentially violent situation.

•  Learning to defend yourself does not mean becoming the thing you are trying to avoid. The aggressor.

•  If you have some confidence, some knowledge and a little skill, many of the problems of violent confrontation can be avoided. If violence is unavoidable, learn how to minimise the damage to yourself and maximize your control of the aggressor.

Learn some simple blocks, kicks, punches, strikes, controls. Strategies for self protection, common sense routines. The stuff that works without years of practice. Learn how to protect yourself and gain confidence in confrontational situations. (See Toms book opposite)

If you don't feel good - you don't work well. If you do feel good you could feel great! A talk and demonstration with self help routines and a try out with a partner. Ask questions, discover some new abilities. Great for self help and stress release with all or any of the following therapies:

Many people think they know what meditation is. However, there are many different forms. This particular type of meditation is intended for relaxation and coming to terms with "The Self". The contemplation will be used as a more pro-active form of meditation. Working and improving your most valuable asset - your mind. Without it, all else is meaningless. Take some time to learn how to relax it so that it will work more efficiently. By meditation in this context we will work on emptying the mind and trying to gain access to the void. A totally relaxing experience and a great new skill. By contemplation we will use the mind in a meditative state to be more active. To use affirmation, to visualize, to create the mental picture of that, which we wish to achieve. This is not only extremely practical in the real world but also has several mystical and meta physical implications.

A fitness and advice session. No machines, just good old fashioned experience on how to use your body properly. A personal assessment and a light work out. Lets check if you have any weak areas and suggest a short routine that can be very beneficial to any stubborn areas especially that mid section.


Tom has written several ebooks & articles on apple ibooks & Amazon Kindle: See below for all his titles.

1; Belief & Emotion by Tom Hill
A book about what makes us all 'tick' and how to improve that 'tick'.

2; A Guide To The Art of Self Defence by Tom Hill
This book is not to try and teach you self defence moves – but the essence of Self defence

3; Self Defence and the UK Law by Tom Hill
A straight forward explanation of the UK law on self defence.

4; Gekisai Dai Ichi (to destroy part one) by Tom Hill
An illustrated (with photographs) step by step instruction manual on how to perform Gekisai Dai Ichi Kata.

5; Goju Ryu San Dan Gi by Tom Hill
The Goju Ryu 'San Dan Gi' (Three level sequence) as a training exorcise

6; Essays for Black Belt by Tom Hill
To obtain a chance to grade for Shodan - Black belt first degree in Karate -, students must complete an essay of at least 500 words to be considered for the grade.
Here are over 20 of these essays from students over the last 25 years applying for the Grade.

7; Karate Terminology by Tom Hill
Most of the terminology required for Karate and General Japanese Martial Arts with Japanese to English translations

8; How to Run a Karate Club by Tom Hill
A step by step, guide for Students of Karate or any Martial Art, who wish to learn how to run a Martial Arts Club.

9; Sort Out the UK Dan Grades by Tom Hill
The Dan Grade system in Karate (and perhaps in other Martial Arts systems) is in a mess! It is high time someone said so and not just complained about it but offered up a sensible and workable solution that was both fair and intelligent.

10; 'Valhalla's Swordsmith'  by Tom Hill
A thousand years ago a slave girl becomes a Viking warrior and swordsmith. Raiding far Castille in Dragon ships with her Norse Swordsmith master and friends. A Vike that risks everything but offers secrets that will transform their ancient craft. A life or death journey and a clash of culture and religion.

11; Swords of El Cid by Tom Hill
Swords, combat, ransom, siege, battle, rape, starvation, revenge, bloodshed, justice, honour and death. The life of the famous El Cid as he wages medieval warfare to seize Valencia. A thousand years ago the Christian Knights of the Kings of Leon fight the ruling Muslim Moors and the dreaded Almoravids of the Sahara for the right to rule Spain.

12. Jujitsu Terminology by Tom Hill
Most of the Jujitsu terminology any student of the Japanese Martial Arts will ever need. In Japanese to English and English to Japanese. By Tom Hill; 40 years Martial Arts experience, 3rd Dan BKA (British Karate Association), 4th Dan Academy of Goju Ryū, 6th Dan Shotokan; Jin Sei Kai, 8th Dan & Chief instructor, Special Advisor to; Combat Jujitsu Hellas. 

Tom has also produced a DVD ON Goju Goes Cage Rage and another with many of the youtube clips shown on it.

You can order various video's from our library of over 500 techniques at $1 each (75p).

Sensei Hill's Books
(Sensei means; 'One who has gone before')


If you perform any technique shown here in class or in public, you do so at your own risk.
We assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of the information provided which results in injury or loss.
Copyright: Tom Hill 2012  All rights reserved.
UPDATED 1st  AUG 2020

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